Innovation. Creativity. Design.

The Program on Intellectual Property & Technology Law promotes research on a broad range of topics related to innovation, creativity, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Faculty affiliated with the program study the design and implementation of legal doctrines and other policy tools that promote innovation and creativity; the design of legal instruments and legal systems that govern innovation and creativity; the relationship between IP and technology policies and other values like free speech, competition, and distributive justice; and the legal and ethical implications of existing and emerging technologies. 

Leveraging Notre Dame’s locations throughout the world, the program funds research and facilitates discussion by organizing conferences and other events that bring together leading academics from a variety of disciplines, as well as judges, practicing lawyers, and other policy makers.

The program is co-directed by Notre Dame Law Professors Sean B. Seymore and Stephen Yelderman.


Educating a Different Kind of Intellectual Property Lawyer

Notre Dame Law's Program on Intellectual Property & Technology Law encourages students to examine IP law and technology policies from a values-oriented perspective. A rich discussion of values as part of the curriculum allows students to consider how IP can best create an environment for innovation and creativity that supports human flourishing.

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Roundtable Copyright

Research and Study

Notre Dame Law's Program on Intellectual Property & Technology Law combines the research of its faculty and fellows with classroom teaching for the benefit of students. Students also work with faculty on research projects that are changing the fulture of IP law.

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