IP Research Assistant Spotlight: Jake Landreth

Author: Program on IP & Technology Law


A rising second-year law student from Los Angeles, Jake Landreth attended Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, majoring in political science and business administration. During his time at Creighton, he competed for the University’s Cross Country and Track & Field team. After graduating, Landreth worked as a clerk for a medical malpractice firm in Los Angeles and then moved to Washington D.C. to work in operations and management for a startup fitness company. 

Interested in Intellectual Property upon beginning Notre Dame Law School, Landreth’s enrollment in Trademarks & Unfair Competition encouraged him to explore how businesses navigate the waters of gaining and keeping protection of their brands. This summer, Landreth is a Research Assistant for Dr. Felicia Caponigri and the Program on Intellectual Property & Technology Law. Working on several projects, including adding resources to Notre Dame’s IP website to support students’ knowledge of potential IP career paths and current novel legal issues in IP, Landreth is also assisting Dr. Caponigri with her current research on how fashion design objects present links between cultural property law and copyright law. Read his answers to some of NDLawIP’s questions to learn more about his interest in IP and work this summer!


NDLawIP: What brought you to Notre Dame Law School and what sparked your interest in IP?

I was admitted to Notre Dame Law towards the end of the application cycle and had to make a decision pretty quickly on where I wanted to attend. I had never visited Notre Dame, but after talking with the admissions committee and doing more research on the program, Notre Dame had exactly what I was looking for. The great alumni network, small class sizes, and the ability to incorporate my faith and values into my legal studies solidified Notre Dame Law for me, and after finishing my first year I know I made the right decision. 

NDLawIP: What’s been your favorite thing about law school?

My favorite thing about law school has been the Notre Dame Law School community I have been able to join. I credit my success (or survival) of my first year to the great friends that I have made, my upperclassmen mentors, and a supportive and encouraging faculty. 

NDLawIP: What’s your favorite YouTube channel, Instagram account, or Twitter feed to follow now?

I am very much missing sports during this pandemic. I have been spending a lot of time re-watching olympic track & field and grand slam tennis on YouTube to cope with the absence of live sports. 

NDLawIP: As Aristotle said, we are social animals. What are you doing to stave off cabin fever and maintain your humanity during this time of social distancing and working remotely over the summer?

I have taken this time to reconnect with friends and family. The first year of law school is challenging and can be an isolating experience. Having the extra time at home during this pandemic to reconnect with friends from undergrad and spending time with my parents was something I didn’t know I needed after finishing my first year of law school, but I have been really grateful for it. 

As a research assistant this summer, a lot of the work I am doing can be done in a remote capacity. Zoom has been a great resource and has allowed Dr. Caponigri and I to meet weekly to talk about current and future projects even while being in two different time zones.