IP Research Assistant Spotlight: Madison Reid-Tedesco

Author: Program on IP & Technology Law


Madison Reid-Tedesco, a rising second-year law student, was born and raised in Wichita and attended the University of Kansas, where she graduated in 2019 from the Honors College with a B.A. in psychology and minor in strategic communications. Much of her time at KU was spent outside the classroom in dedication to her sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta, where she served as president. Reid-Tedesco was also heavily involved with the gender equity center on the KU campus, creating programming to educate student groups on transgender and non-binary identities and the value of inclusion within student organizations. Fond of collaborative learning environments, something that likely grew out of attending the same college preparatory school for 15 years, Reid-Tedesco notes that the tight-knit community of ND Law has been a welcome return after attending a large state school like KU. Excited to stay in South Bend this summer as Professor Mark McKenna’s research assistant, she looks forward to further developing her own IP interests, including consumer perception of trademarks and brands and the connection to unfair competition in the current state of growing e-commerce companies. Her degree in psychology supports a more nuanced, consumer-focused approach to this IP research, and she is thankful for the opportunity to work with Professor McKenna and his support this summer. Read Reid-Tedesco's answers to some of NDLawIP’s questions to learn more about her interest in IP and work this summer!

NDLawIP: What brought you to Notre Dame Law School and what sparked your interest in IP? 

As a true Midwesterner, I wanted a school that could give me vast opportunities yet maintained a strong connection to large Midwestern cities for future employment. I was also drawn to the unwavering loyalty of the ND alumni base and wanted to join a community that was bigger than myself. While I had some interest in IP before coming to school, Professor McKenna’s trademarks and unfair competition class piqued my interest, and I am looking forward to developing my knowledge in the area.

NDLawIP: What’s been your favorite thing about law school? 

I have been overwhelmingly thankful for the friends I have made in my class, as they have truly been the most important part of this year. It is difficult to understand just how taxing law school can be until you are in the midst of it, and the support group I have is the reason I enjoy ND so much.

NDLawIP: What’s your favorite YouTube channel, Instagram account, or Twitter feed to follow now? 

The Bon Appétit YouTube channel is phenomenal and has given me plenty of entertainment and projects to tackle during this period of isolation. I could not recommend it more. 

NDLawIP: As Aristotle said, we are social animals. What are you doing to stave off cabin fever and maintain your humanity during this time of social distancing and working remotely over the summer?

A few friends that live in my apartment building stayed in South Bend during this semester and are also working as research assistants, so we created a small group to keep each other sane while only seeing each other to remain safe (and sane). It has been immensely helpful to break up the working from home. This has also been a great time for me to evaluate how I keep in touch with those not in my immediate vicinity, and I am very thankful for that as well.